Intergenerational social mobility and the Brexit vote: how social origins and destinations divide Britain” (with Andrew McNeil); European Journal of Political Research, accepted for publication

Articles under review:

“Equalising opportunities with student sorting policies? The Left’s dilemmas on school reform in deindustrializing Western Europe” revise & resubmit

Working Papers:

“Re-imagining the future: Towards a dynamic explanation of long-term policy-making ” (with Pieter Tuytens)

“Who can make a policy-change? Educational inequalities and the politics of teacher sorting in Western Europe”

“Past mobility, present opportunities, and future cleavages: how parents’ social origins and destinations affect their aspirations for children’s education” (with Andrew McNeil)

Work in progress:

Book Project: Equalising opportunities in postindustrial societies: distributional trade-offs and the politics of school reform

Research Project: The Comparative Politics of Teacher Labour Markets: Can local politics build new support coalitions for national reform? (for more details, see Research page)

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